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Methods of Deodorizing Organic Raw Materials When Compost

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This article shows some useful deodorization methods for organic fertilizer raw materials. The organic fertilizer plants often adopt biological microbes to deodorize all kinds of raw materials and should be located far away from residential areas.

Turning Trash into Treasure–a Revolution to Chicken Manure

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Chicken manure is with the highest nutrient content; Effective utilization of chicken manure is beneficial to both environment and investors. While how to compost chicken manure? What are the benefits of chicken fertilizer to plants? It is with great

How to Process Biogas Digestate into Organic Fertilizer

2018-10-23T15:44:57+00:00 Fertilizer Technology|

This article mainly introduces how the digestate can be processed into fertilizers by using of our organic fertilizer production line. Moreover, in the article, we also analyze the main use, advantages and functions of biogas digestate in agriculture.

Livestock and Poultry Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Project

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Livestock and poultry manures contain nutrient elements that can support crop production. Processing manure into qualified commercial organic fertilizer is a feasible and profitable business for investors new in fertilizer industry.

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