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What is BB Fertilizer?BB fertilizer
Bulk Blending Fertilizer, often referred to as simply BB Fertilizer, is a mixture of different single fertilizers (or multiple fertilizers) in a certain proportion.
Features of BB Fertilizer?
Proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrition can be easily adjusted in accordance with customers’ requirement.

What is Microbial Fertilizer?
Microbial fertilizer, non-poison and harmless, contains many biological active microbes cultured and produced by specific Microbe Strain. It doesn’t pollute environment. These specific microorganism can promote the growth of plants by increasing plants nutrition supplies.

microbial fertilizerNecessary Nutrient Elements for Crop Growth?
Until now, there are more than 70 elements have been found in plant, but not all of them are necessary. Research shows that 16 essential nutrition elements required for plants are C, H, O, N, K, P, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Mo, Cu, Cl, among which N, P, K these three elements are needed most by crops. While most of them will be taken away when harvesting, which is the reason why soil cannot satisfy the plants requirement of NPK. So fertilizer becomes necessary!

What is Bio Fertilizer?
Bio fertilizer, main ingredient of which is microorganism, is a kind of fertilizer formed by inoculation of beneficial microorganisms which carried by organic matters such as organic liquid or plant ashes. By international requirement, the amount of microorganism is at least 200 million/g, and it can not be directly used as fertilizer to supply nutrients.

Types of Biological Fertilizers
By Function Mechanism, it can be divided into 2 classes:
1.After applied into soil and rapidly propagating in the soil environment, microorganism
becomes the dominant strain at the root zone of the planted crops. It accelerates mineral nutritions release, and increases soil nutrients supply.
2.The other can change roots living condition, promote roots growth, and increase crops absorbing nutrients capacity, which are effected by micro flora activity when
microorganism applied in soil.

What are Green Fertilizer and Green Manure Crops?
Fertilizer used green parts of the plants as raw materials are called Green Fertilizer. Once Green Fertilizer are applied into soil, then we can call plants on these soils as Green Manure Crops which includes: milk vetches, Chinese trumpet creepers, alfalfa, sweet clovers, radish dishes, Sebastian and duckweed,alternanthera philoxeroides etc.

Characters of Green Fertilizers
1. Easily making, low cost. Green fertilizer can be applied in fallows to inter-planted between different crops. Chemical fertilizer properly decrease when use green fertilizer.
2. Easy application in same place to fertilize new crops without dispatching. It has a particular meaning for promote the crops production in low-production lands.
controlled_release_nitrogen fertilizer3. It is a good fodder containing rich protein, vitamin and other nutrients. It can feed livestock and then become animal manure applying in soil.

What is a Controlled-release Fertilizer ?
A controlled-release fertilizer (CRF) is a kind of granulated fertilizer that releases nutrients gradually into the soil. The rule of releasing nutrients(releasing time and speed) is similar to the rule of plants absorbing nutrients.

Where does the Essential Plants Elements Come From?
Required elements of plants such as C, H and O, are mainly come from air and water, other elements from soil. Plants mainly absorb this nutrients through their roots from soil.
What are the Forms of Nutrients?
Plants mainly absorb Inorganic ion from soil, such as K+、NH4+、NO3-、and Ca2+. They can also absorb some dissolved organics, such as urea, amino acid, amide, nucleic acid and phosphoglyceric acid. Fertilizer mainly supply dissolved inorganic ions with high fertility. Organic fertilizer not only supply ionic nutrients(after dissolving, but also supply some organic nutrients.

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