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Animal and human manure are rich in nutrients that make it a great organic fertilizer for farmers farmland and garden. In fact, manure is a low-cost and useful fertilizer which can be composted by ourselves for few days, and then directly applied into soil. If you add animal manure or human manure to your soil, the quality of the soil and the water-holding ability of the soil are improved. All manures are good sources of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients required by plants, the amount of the nutrients type are different. With the organic food and vegetables becoming a hot discussion in world, organic fertilizer is much more popular for farmers and vegetables farmers.
This article focus on discussing why composted manure is better than fresh manure and compost turner applied for composting process.

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Fresh Manure Vs. Composted Manure

Fresh manure is the UN-composted manure, without fermenting process. In general, it generally have a higher N content than composted manure. However, the use of composted manure can provide more soil with more organic matters. There is a large quantity of N in soluble forms, which can lead to salt build-up and leaching losses if over applied.

So, the importance of making good quality compost for the purpose of improving soil fertility should pay more attention. Compost can provide the plants with required necessary nutrients to grow and to produce flowers and fruits. Food security directly impact our health state, while compost manure is more safer than fresh manure in terms of bacteria and weed seeds and other pathogens. Compost turner as the most useful compost turning equipment can complete highly fermentation to kill them and accelerate decomposition for about 7 -10 days.

Compost Turner For Composted Manure
Compost turner is a compost turning equipment to ferment organic raw materials, such as straws, grass, vegetable waste etc.into compost pile. Our hydraulic compost turner is an effective organic fertilizer machine of elector-mechanical and air-hydraulic integration. Some microorganism and water can be added to compost pile during the composting process of aeration, crush, stir or turning by compost turner. Compost turner mainly accelerate fermentation time.Hydraulic Compost Turner Shipped to USA

Features Of Compost Turning Equipment
1. Compost turner can shorten fermentation time from traditional fermentation about 45 days to 7-10 days with composting equipment.
2. Fermentation is more uniform, because of high turning heap and strong ability of windrow turners, which can turn materials all-around.
3. Processing capacity of such a compost turner, with one worker, is about 1000-3000 m 3/hour, which is labor-saving.

Why Choose Composted Manure Rather Than Fresh Manure ?

1 Amounts of Heat Generated in Composting Process
Large quantity of heat generated during composting process by microorganisms can burn roots.
Composting process is the decomposed process of microorganisms acting on manure, during which a lot of cellulose and protein and amounts of heat produced. Fresh manure is without the composting process. If applying fresh manure (mainly solid manure)directly into farmland, the microorganism can also decompose the plant roots while decompose cellulose and protein.(though the composting process is not strong but also harmful for plant roots). Amounts of heat produced in soil directly cause plants root burn, and then decrease crops yields.

2.Bacteria and Weed Seeds Existing in Fresh Manure
Some bacteria and parasites in fresh manure can cause illness for plants, and some weed seeds cause weed problems, which are harmful for plants growth, decreasing crops yields. But high temperature in composting process can kill them.
Taking human manure as an example, it contains a large amount of E. coli and other bacteria, who once left body, they vary rapidly according to environment condition, the power of causing illness higher than before. At the same time, these bacteria will again back to human eating food productions. Last year, a news about E. coli in cucumber caused thousands of death fear the world. That is the key reason why choose composted manure.
some undigested organic matters can appeal some fly pests such as fly maggot, grubs, who left their eggs on the plants roots and absorb nutrient from plants. This fly pests bring many bacteria to decrease crops yield and security.

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3.Organic Matters Hard For Plants absorption
In general, inorganic salt is easily absorbed by plants, while organic matters hard to absorb. Macromolecular organic matters such as cellulose and protein existing in high amount existing in fresh manure is hard for plants to absorb without microorganism decomposition, while easy for human absorption.

4.Fresh Manure Used for Small Garden
In general, fresh manure is always used for small gardens, many farmers use fresh manure to fertilize their soil. These fresh manure is always a mixture of liquid and soil manure, almost all are liquid manure containing a large quantity of soluble organic matters. For farmers, the garden need to fertilize regularly, these fresh manure is useful.
As for fresh manure not used in farmland, the reason is that the farmers using manure as the basic fertilizer for farmland just in 1 time per year, at that time, all collected fresh manure are become composted manure. Of course, these composted manure save transit cost and labor cost.

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