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There is 2 extrusion granulator machine in our factory:roll extrusion granulator and flat die extrusion granulator. At ordinary temperatures, JYZL roll extrusion granulatortype roll extrusion granulator can directly press powder materials into fertilizer granules. It can not only produce complex fertilizer, such as urea, ammonium chloride, ammophos complex fertilizer, NPK compound fertilizer and so on, but is suitable for compound fertilizer, for example magnetic fertilizers and rare earth fertilizer.
In fertilizer production process, rollers of this compound fertilizer granulating machine are with less coefficient of friction, low temperature, and low energy consumption.
Dry powder (8% moisture content) is extruded and granulated by roll extrusion fertilizer granulation machine which adopts dry extrusion technology, making materials be standard fertilizer granules. After being extruded by two rollers, raw materials, space between which are squeezed to minimum value, become caky ones. The density of materials are multiplied several times.

fertilizer granules granulated by roll extrusion granulator

Working Process of Roller Extrusion Fertilizer Granulator
The work of this compound fertilizer granulating machine can be divided into 2 parts: Extrusion and Granulation.
Extrusion: dry materials are condensed into hard and dense caky ones under pressure. This process
use inter-molecular force principle.
Granulation: caky materials are granulated into compound fertilizer granules by rollers. Space between rollers is adjustable, keeping 0.3-1mm distance usually. The utilization rate of raw material can reach 87%.roll extrusion fertilizer granulator

Advantage of Roll Extrusion Granulator
Compared with other compound fertilizer making machine, the best feature of this fertilizer granulator is its double rollers. In choice of raw materials, medium carbon steel plate with higher intensity and resistance is more perfect. Thus rollers are weld with channel iron and medium carbon steel, the whole process of which is with higher degree of quality control and technologic requirements.

Application of Roll Extrusion Fertilizer Granulation Machine

◇ Fertilizer Industry: potassium sulphate, potassium chloride, urea, NPK compound fertilizer, ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate, monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, ammonium sulphate, ammonium bicarbonate, magnetic fertilizers etc.
◇ Chemical Industry: antioxidant, sodium chloride, cyanuric acid, activated carbon, rock phosphate powder, rare earths, feed additives, green materials etc.
◇ This compound fertilizer granulating machine is usually used in compound fertilizer plant, see more at: 30,000 tons/year compound fertilizer production line.

Working Video of Roll Extrusion Granulator For Compound Fertilizer Production

Roll Extrusion Fertilizer Making Machine Parameter

L x W x H(mm)
Output (t/h)
Power (kw)
Material Moisture Content
Feed Size (mm)
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