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Introduction of Super Chain Crusher Machine
Fertilizer chain crusher has a wide application. It can be used in animal manure fertilizer manufacturing process, NPK fertilizer production line, Urea fertilizer fertilizer crusher machineproduction project etc. It shred large lump materials into small pieces, or crush granule fertilizers into small powder. In the fertilizer plant, this fertilizer crusher machine is placed behind rotary drum screen to shred too large or too small fertilizers. Its feed input and discharge outlet are with reasonable arrangement, so materials can be fully and evenly crushed. Besides that, the chain plate of this fertilizer shredder adopts quality alloy with high-intensity and wear-resistance features, which promises a longer service life and saves customers’ investment.

Fertilizer Chain Shredder Features
1.Perfect middle-size design for most users
2.Multiple details support to ensure no material sticking.
3.Simple and straightforward structure, easy to clean and maintain.
4.Ideal crushing effect for many materials of 6% moisture and high hardness.
5.The internal links and discharged finished products can be freely adjusted.

Working Process of Chain Fertilizer Crusher

This fertilizer crusher machine only has a single rotor, which is connected with one end of steel link chain. The other end of the chain is fitted with wear-resisting chain head.While the rotor is spinning at high speed, under the impact of the centrifugal force, the chain will stretch to all around in flap type. Materials enter into the machine, and then are crushed by the constant hit of the chains and the impact of the materials against each other.

inner structure of chain crusher

Fertilizer Crusher Machine Specifications

Overall Dimension
Production Capacity
Motor Power
Maxium Size of Entering Granule
Size After Crushing(mm)
<Φ 0.7
<Φ 0.7
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