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Introduction of Material Crusher Machine
materials crusher machineHigh moisture raw material crusher machine is a kind of professional fertilizer machine for crushing high-moisture and high-fiber material such as fowl manure, sodium humate, sludge, straw, etc. The moisture of material can leap between 25%- 50%. It usually adopts high speed rotating blades to realize fine crushing. With these characters, this fertilizer crushing machine is widely used in organic fertilizer production.
Besides the above advantages, as a reputable crushing machine manufacturer, Azeus fertilizer crusher improves its manufacturing craftsmanship. The holder of the machine is welded by optimal carbon steel plate and box iron and pass strict conformity certification. The rotors of the machine adopts double-duty lining, which has better processing effect compared with other common crushers. Its inner liner is made of high-duty lining to longer its service life. so it is a completely right choice to choose our high moisture material crusher in organic fertilizer production.

Working Principle of High Moisture Fertilizer Crusher

The fertilizer crushing machine adopts two-layer crushing structure. When the material is fed into the crushing chamber, it passes through the upper rotors and become tiny pellet; then these pellets are delivered to the lower rotors to continue crushing; finally the final processing effect is fine powder, reaching the best lever of hammer powder and go out of the discharge port. In order to make the whole process smooth and protect electric motor, this crusher doesn’t have screen and sieve, which won’t cause blocking no matter which material, even the material which is just taken out from the water.

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Features of Functional Material Crusher Machine
1.Superior Stability. Reasonable physical structure and high grade material greatly improve all the crusher parts’ stability, which keep the machine work continuously.
2.Ideal crushing effect. It adopts two-layer crushing system with different emphases, realizing the fine crush.
3.Good operating experience. With advanced techniques, one person is enough to operate machine and can oil the machine anytime without stopping work.
4.Long service life and easy to maintain. This fertilizer crushing machine is equipped with high-alloy hard-wearing hammers and adopts bidirectional clearance adjusting design. It means that when the hammer slices are worn out, we can continue to use them by moving their position without any repair.

Application of High Moisture Raw Material Crusher Machine

In fact, over one hundred of material which is of high moisture and high fiber can be crushed by this machine. They can be mainly divided into three kinds:
1.High moisture. This kind includes manure, sludge, biogas residue,etc.
2.High fiber. Straw, grass, etc are the representatives of this kind.

Working Video of Fertilizer Crusher For Organic Materials

Technical Data of High Moisture Material Crusher

Prod Capacity(t/h)
Particle Size(mm)
Overall Dimension
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