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Introduction of Auger Type Compost Turner
compost turnerAuger type compost turners have a horizontal rotating shaft which flights or paddles arranged in an auger-like fashion. The shaft is shrouded in the back by a curved housing, which gives the turner the appearance of a snow blower. The windrow turner is typically mounted on the front of a tractor, wheel loader or skid loader that pushes the turner through the windrow or pile. The paddles lift and spiral the material to one side as the machine move forward, displacing the windrow or pile to the side. The vehicle usually powers the turning mechanism but some models have their own power units. Auger type compost turner can turn individual windrows and slices of large piles, with the width of the cut determined by the shaft width. Windrows and piles are limited in height by the diameter of the shaft paddles.

Working Principles of Auger Type Windrow Turner

Auger type compost turner is made of running gear, rotary lifting gear, powerplant, PLC control cabinet and the like. The traditional fermentation machine is limited by the problems of low turning depth, narrow span, relatively large floor space. While, the auger type compost turner is improved with advanced technologies and proper design. Its maximum turning depth is 2.1m, and its span is 6m to 11m. It is mainly used in dealing with sludge and municipal waste which contains less organic material. Because the lower organic contents need deeper fermentation depth to raise its fermentation temperature. The auger type compost tuner can stir the material totally by its unique structure. The fermentation machine is equipped with PLC control cabinet which can operate by manual operation or automatic control. Additionally, you can choose to install a remote control for accurate operation.

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Features of Auger Type Compost Turner
Auger-type composting equipment adopts the theory of lifting the material with spiral to lift the material of bottom to the high place, so as to achieve the function of cooling, aeration, and mixing fully. Machine walks transversely along the guide rail above the tank, making the spiral function in the fermentation tank. It can stir the material with larger depth and large span.

Application of Auger Type Compost Turner

Auger-type turners are like a plow with an auger in the bucket. These windrow turners come into different sizes and break the pile up with each turn. And it is often used in composting organic fertilizer. Compared with other type compost turning machines. Auger-type turner has the prominent feature of its turning depth.
Compost Turner is key fermentation machine in dealing with livestock dungs, crop straws, saw dusts, sludge and other organic waste. As a new fermentation machine, it has a long way to go. But its prospect can be seen in the rapid development of fertilizer plant. It has replaced manpower or forklift to become a necessity for turning organic material.

Technical Data of Auger Type Composting Equipment

Fermentation Groove Depth(mm)
Fermentation Groove Span(mm)
Production Capacity (m³/h)
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