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This solid-liquid separator is widely applied for the dewatering process of animal manure in intensive livestock and poultry manure dewatering processfarms (including pig manure, cow dung, chicken manure and other livestock fecal dehydrating). Besides, it is also used into the slag liquid separation of vinasse, starch pulp, soy sauce residue and other high concentration organic wastewater.

Working Principle of Solids and Liquid Separator
This solids and liquid separator adopts the principle of screw extrusion dehydration. Firstly, the original manure in cesspool is pumped to the solid-liquid separator by the matched non-blocking submerged pump, and then the auger gradually pushes the original animal manure to the front of the machine, while continuously increasing the pressure of machine leading edge, forcing the moisture in the manure extruded from the equipment and discharged through drain-pipe under the action of the side pressure belt filter. In a word, this machine is able to separate dry manure with low moisture content (less than 50%) and fecaluria from original manure, reaching the efficient treatment and rational utilization of resource.

Features of Animal Manure Dehydrator
This solid-liquid separator has the characteristics of high automation level, simple operation, easy maintenance, large daily processing capacity and lower power consumption, all of which make it suitable for continuous working. Moreover, with small outer shape and high separation accuracy, this equipment can save space and can greatly improve the efficiency of dewatering applications of solid liquid separatortreatment of livestock and poultry manure. In general, our animal manure dehydrator is mainly composed of a solid-liquid separator main engine, a feed pump, a water pipe, a distribution box and the like.

After dehydration, animal manure has the following advantages and efficacy: The dry manure after dehydrating and separating is almost odorless and its viscosity is small, which makes it appropriate to be used as base fertilizer and topdressing, and also as raw materials of producing organic fertilizer. With long and stable fertilizer efficiency, the processed manure supplements the soil with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, enriches the soil organic matter and overcomes the shortages that making the soil saline-alkali compaction caused by the common application of chemical fertilizers, playing an important role in improving the soil. It has been proved by practice that it is better than chemical fertilizers under the same growth conditions. In the meantime, this machine has been a significant part in the establishment of manure organic fertilizer production plant, helping reducing moisture of organic raw materials before making organic fertilizer.

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