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Round organic fertilizer forming machine, which is also called organic fertilizer polishing machine, is manufactured on the base of flat die extrusion granulator. Organic fertilizer granules granulated by roller extrusion granulator or disc fertilizer granulator, are with uniform size, fullness smooth, organic fertilizer polishing machineand higher strength after being shaped by our fertilizer granule shaper. This machine rounds organic fertilizer at a time, no high rates of return, beautiful and practical, which reduces energy consumption, and increase organic fertilizer production. It is the ideal fertilizer equipment for production of round organic fertilizer.

Structure of Round Organic Fertilizer Forming Machine
Organic fertilizer polishing machine is a kind of continuous shaping machine with multi-layers. There is a large cylinder, top of which is a cover, being fixed at the top of the rack. On the bottom of the large organic fertilizer polishing machinecylinder, there is a big turntable being connected to the rack by a vertical shaft and two self-aligning ball bearings. The bottom of the vertical shaft connects with the motor output shaft by the reducer or pulley. The upper portion of the vertical shaft projects into the large cylinder, and rigidly connects to the big turntable by flange. The outer edge of the large turntable contacts with the inner wall of the large cylinder. There is a discharge chute at the big turntable and one side of the cylinder. Fertilizer granules are rounded by the fertilizer polishing machine. Powders are discharged from the discharge chute.

Features of Organic Fertilizer Polishing Machine

1.The fertilizer granule shaper can beautify the appearance of the organic fertilizer granules, which will greatly improve the levels as well as the images of the products. Thus, it can help the products enjoy more popularity in the competitive market.
2. The material discharged after multiple times of polishing has uniform size, round and smooth surface, large density, and high granulation rate.
bio organic granular fertilizer3. Low power consumption, large capacity, high economic benefit.
4. This organic fertilizer machine has a great excess capability, so no material limitation equipment is needed even if it works under the condition of full load.

Application of Round Organic Fertilizer Shaping Machine

The organic fertilizer polishing machine applies to chicken manure and other animal manure fertilizers production, suits for the polishing of bio fertilizer granules whose raw materials could be peat, lignite, organic sludge, straw and other organic wastes, and is widely used in cake fertilizer granules polishing.

Technical Data of Organic Fertilizer Polishing Machine

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