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Introduction of Rotary Drum Coating Machine
fertilizer coating machineRotary drum coating machine is a kind of fertilizer coating equipment for granular fertilizer. This coater machine is often used in the solid powdering and liquid coating process of granular fertilizers. But why we need to coat the fertilizer? Because the fertilizer coating equipment enables the surface of compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer to form a layer of protective film to isolate the surface from the air, thereby protecting fertilizer from agglomeration, improving the surface brightness, as well as making fertilizer granules be coated slow release fertilizers. That is to say, fertilizer coater machine helps to preserve the quality of finished fertilizers during storage, handling and shipping. Besides that, it also increases fertilizer efficiency. Our rotary drum coating machine is with humanized structure, operation stability, high adaptability, and is free from dust and pollution. Fertilizer coating machine consists of spiral conveyor, agitator tank, oil pump, mainframe etc. The mainframe adopts acid-proof stainless steel or polypropylene lining with special design, which makes the roller coating machine a competitive machine in coating for granular fertilizer.

Features of Rotary Drum Coating Machine

Our fertilizer coater machine has developed an innovative dry coating for use in agricultural fertilizer mixtures. The coating saves time and money by reducing airborne dust caused by granule-to-granule interactions. The coating is applied through mechanical interactions between granules during normal handling operations, and does not require specialized application systems. Because the external coating does not penetrate the granules, it will not interfere with the fertilizer’s functionality.

Functions of Compound Fertilizer Coating Machine
Control dust emission
☆ Minimize caking (bag set, pile set)rotary drum coating machine
☆ Enhance flow ability
☆ Minimize moisture pickup
☆ To stabilize the surface of the fertilizer granule
☆ Improve compatibility in end uses
☆ To enhance appearance
☆ Modify nutrient release characteristics
☆ Only used in Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Structure of Fertilizer Coating Machine

◇ Bracket
The brackets sustain a lot of pressure for carrying the whole construction of the machine body. Additionally, considering the frictional force between the brackets and the conveyor belt of the machine body, we adopt high-quality, anti-abrasive materials for prolonging the service life of the roller coating machine. Each of the four corners of the wheel carrier is equipped with hooks which is convenient for shipping and installation.
◇ Transmission
The gear frame is made of high-class channel beam which meets the demanding quality requirements. The main engine drives the principal axis with the help of a belt pulley, triangular belt and reducer.
◇ Machine Body
The machine body of the coating equipment adopts high-quality carbon steel plate which lives up to the quality test and technological requirements.

Technical Parameters of Compound Fertilizer Coating Machine

Production Capacity (t/h)
Power (kw)
Barrel Internal Diameter (mm)
Barrel Length (mm)
Barrel Inclination
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