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compost turner shipped to US



We received the hydraulic compost turner inquiry from an American customer- David in Oregon on 4th, Jan, 2016. He owns a farm with 260 acres, including about 500 cows and other animals. Every year, there is a large quantities of organic waste, such as cow dung, agricultural straw, being produced.




Hydraulic compost turner


Actually, David has started to recycle the waste into compost fertilizer, of course, with the help of Compost Turners for waste management and erosion control. Compost can be used as Organic fertilizer or soil conditioners. In developed countries, such as America, Canada and other European countries, people would love to make compost at home, and there are many teaching videos and courses about home-made compost on Google.

While, Compost turners have to be used for large-scale compost fertilizer making. They are vital to efficiently producing large volumes of compost.


compost turning machine



Under thinking about his large area for composting on soil and low investment to build new composting pools, we advise him to buy a hydraulic compost turner. Hydraulic compost turner is an effective organic fertilizer machine of electro-mechanical and air-hydraulic integration with high efficiency and capacity.
Composting Time of Hydraulic Compost Turner: 7-10 days.




Advantage of Hydraulic Compost Turner:

turing compost machine exported to US

1. Compost turner can shorten fermentation time from traditional fermentation about 50 days to 7-10 days with composting equipment.

2. Fermentation is more uniform, because of high turning heap and strong ability of windrow turners, which can turn materials all-around.

3.Processing capacity of such a compost turner, with one worker, is about 1000-3000 m 3/hour, which is labor-saving.

4.Water can be added to piles during the process of aeration, crush, stir or turning the material; and piles after being processed are compact in the working range.

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