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Congratulations! In November 1st, 2015, we finished the order from a client from Malaysia who want to crush high-moisture and high-fiber material such as fowl manure, sodium humate, sludge, straw, etc. In fact, this raw materials crusher is the most popular fertilizer grinding machine in organic fertilizer production.

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This fertilizer crusher adopts two-layer crushing structure. when the material is fed into the crushing chamber, it firstly passes through the upper rotors and become tiny pellet; then these pallets are delivered to the lower rotors to continue crushing; finally the final processing effect is fine power, reaching the best lever of hammer power and go out of the discharge port.

Reference about High-moisture Raw Material Crusher:

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Advantages of this Fertilizer Crusher Machine:
1, This machine adopts high speed rotating blades which can crush raw materials with 25%-50% moisture content.
2, AZEUS Fertilizer Machinery has improved its manufacturing craftsmanship. With the holder welded by optimal carbon steel plate and box iron and the rotors adopting double-duty lining, it has better processing effect compared with common crusher.
3, This fertilizer crusher machine is equipped with high-alloy, hard-wearing hammers and adopts bidirectional clearance adjusting design, so we can still use them by just moving their position without any repair when the hammer slices are worn out.

1, what is the capacity of this machine?
In general, the prod capacity is changeable with machine models. As for the model AZS-BSFS-40, it’s prod capacity is about 1-2 tons per hour.
2,What is the output size of materials?
The output size is about 5mm.
3,Can this machine can crush all kinds of materials?
In fact, it can crush efficiently fermented materials of moisture less than 30%.
4,What is the structure of this machine?
This machine is equipped with high-alloy,high wearing hammers and adopts two-layer crushing structure.

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