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Compost Turner Export


Introduction of Self-propelled Compost Turner:
Model : 9AZS-FYD-2300
Width of the pile : 2300 mm
Height of the pile : 600-1000 mm
Plies distance : 0.5-0.8 m
Power : 58HP (water-cooling, electric start)
Processing capacity : 500-700 m³/h
Driving mode : 3 gear forward, 1gear backward


Self-propelled Compost Turner 2




Features of Self-propelled Compost Turner:

1.This self-propelled compost turner can shorten fermentation time from 45 days in traditional composting way to 7-10 days with composting equipment.

2. Fermentation by self-propelled compost turner is more uniform, because of the deep turning and strong ability of windrow turner, which can turn materials all-around.
3. Processing capacity of such compost turner, with one worker, is about 1000-3000 m 3/hour, which is labor-saving.
4. Windrow turner with four-wheels design can forward, backward easily.




Compost Turner

1.Compost smells, what can i do ?
Your compost should never have an offensive smell. This may happen if your compost is too wet meaning that there is not enough air available to the composting process (remember the 50:50 mix of green and brown material). Pay more attention to ventilate.
2. How long does it take ?
In general, it need 7-10 days to complete fermentation.
3. When to use compost turners to turn the waste?
When the temperature of raw materials is up to 60-65℃, you can start windrow turner to turn these materials.
4.What can i do if the content is too high?
If the contents look slimy and wet add “brown materials” such as sawdust, straw, shredded paper or cardboard to the unit to soak up the moisture.
5. How can you tell when compost is finished?
Finished compost will no longer heat up, even after mixing. The initial ingredients are no longer recognizable, and what is left is an earthy smelling substance similar to a rich organic soil.

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