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The order of 50,000 Tons/year NPK fertilizer plant has been delivered on June 5, 2015. This client from Canada used to run a small bio fertilizer plant (5,000 T/Y) to “digest” animal manure in his farm. With development of organic farming, he expanded his bio fertilizer production scale several years ago. In 2015, he decided to do compound fertilizer business. Commercial fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium can improve plant yield by 40% to 60%.

fertilizer dryer

Azeus NPK fertilizer plant can meet most customers’ production requirements. NPK fertilizer production process consists of raw materials batching, raw materials mixing, granulation process, drying, cooling, screening, coating and packaging process. This compound fertilizer production line is with an output of 50,000 tons per year, or even more, and it includes fertilizer mac
hines, such as disc Pan Granulator, fertilizer screen machine, fertilizer dryer etc.
FAQs as follows:

1. How to batch raw materials in the NPK fertilizer plant?
Automatic Proportioning Belt Scale is used. It consists of automatic weighing system, stock bin

belt conveyorand belt conveyor (transportation part). Every raw material is equipped with a feed bin and scale, for example, if there are 5 kinds of raw materials in your compound

fertilizer production line, then we need to provide 5 belt scale for each one of the 5 materials. The batching system is controlled by PLC.
2.How to choose the fertilizer granulator machine?
There are 3 kinds of fertilizer granulator for NPK fertilizer production, separately being Rotary Drum Granulator, Disc Pan Fertilizer Granulator, and Roll Extrusion Granulator.Rotary fertilizer granulator machine is with the largest output. It is always used in NPK fertilizer plant with large production requirement. While disc pan granulator and extrusion fertilizer granulator machine is with small output. Customers can choose the most appropriate one in accordance with

Automatic Proportioning Belt Scale 1their capacity.
In general, granulation technology can be divided into two kinds: dry granulation and wet granulation. Taking extrusion fertilizer granulator for example, it just changes shape of materials, so granular fertilizers made by this granulator machine can be directly screened, no need to dry and cool. As for wet granulation, water is added to shape granules, so the fertilizer dryer is necessary.
3. What are the common heat sources of fertilizer dryer?

In general, coal as the heating fuel is the best, following nature gas. We have firing machine for nature gas and heating boiler for electric.
4. Which can be use as coating materials?
Resin or some pigment with sulfur can be used to coat granules. Solid and liquid coating materials also can be used to coat NPK fertilizer granules. But the solid coating materials is needed to melt, and the liquid coating materials can be directly sprayed on fertilizer granules

disc pan granulator 2

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