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Rotary Drum Dryer Exported to US

organic fertilizer dryer1

The rotary drum dryer has been delivered to the port of Oakland, US on December 20, 2015.

This client uses the rotary drum dryer in his organic fertilizer production line. In fact, because of its cheaper price and high quality, Azeus Fertilizer Dryer enjoys great popularity in south Africa, North America, and some Asian countries.

fertilizer dryer 5

Rotary drum dryer can be used to dry both compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer granules. In the fertilizer production line, it is equipped behind Fertilizer Granulator.

fertilizer dryer machine 2

Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Dryer

1. Large production capacity, range of materials from fine to very coarse; taking our model AZS-HGJ-1.8 for example, it’s prod capacity is about 8-10ton /hour;
2. Simple structure and easy to operate; mild steel application sufficient;
3. Operating flexibility; Thick-wall model and special design of the internal fittings for abrasive materials;
4. Less failure, low maintenance costs.

Product Name: Rotary Drum Dryer Exported to US