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50,000 tons/year Organic Fertilizer Production line

  • China Urea Fertilizer Import & Export in First-

    This article lists some detailed information on China urea fertilizer import and export volume in the first half of 2016. Compared to the same period in 2015, both the import and export volume have declined!

  • China Monthly Fertilizer Imports & Exports Firs

    a detailed China monthly fertilizer import and export report in 1uary-June of 2016 shows that NPK fertilizer exports has down significantly over 2015; urea will face a difficult situation; DAP fertilizer market will gain a hopeful up in the second hal

  • Trends Analysis on N, P, K Fertilizers in Second Ha

    With a downturn of economical environment and an unbalanced supply-demand relations, it predicts that fertilizer market is difficult to improve in the second half of 2016, overall price is still hovering at a low level but each fertilizer trend will d

  • China Compound Fertilizer Market in the First Half

    According to China compound fertilizer import and export report, limited by the downturn of international economical environment and the fluctuated fertilizer price by domestic enterprises, compound fertilizer exports output have decreased by 1/4 over

  • Hydraulic Compost Turner Shipped to USA

    With months’ efforts, David from USA decided to purchase hydraulic compost turner. This machine shortens fermentation time, being an inevitable fertilizer machine in compost making.

  • Self-propelled Compost Turner Exports To Nepal

    Self-propelled compost turner, also called windrow turner with high quality and high yield can shorten fermentation time to 7-10 days.

  • Rotary Drum Dryer Exported to US

    rotary drum dryer is used to dry granular compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer. Our drum dryer with high dry efficiency, is very popular among farms and fertilizer manufacturers.

  • NPK Fertilizer Plant Exported to Canada

    50,000T/Y NPK fertilizer plant is exported to Canada on June 5, 2015. As a professional compound fertilizer production line manufacturer, Azeus provides customers with high efficiency fertilizer equipment.